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General Hauling Tips from the Trailer Specialist

Posted on December 8th, 2015 by TTS2014

The Trailer Specialist not only services and sells trailers in California, but also provides customers with a trailer knowledge they can turn to when questions come about. If you are seeking to know all there is to know about your trailer, The Trailer Specialist is here to offer you some general hauling tips.

With our friendly, general hauling tips, customers will have a sense of understanding when it comes to hauling their trailer along the road.

Our Tips for Trailer Loading

First, never exceed the weight capacity of the tow vehicle, the hitch, as well as the ball and safety chains. This tip is a key factor to know and take into consideration before you hit the road with your durable Trailer Specialist trailer.

From start to finish, it is important to take all the necessary steps to ensure a safe and successful trip. To limit the swaying of your trailer, place the heavier part of the load towards the front, ahead of the axle. Make sure you center your load on the trailer, as well as use tie-downs when needed. When reducing the sway of your trailer, you lower the risk of losing control of the vehicle.

In order to test the sway, load your trailer and gradually increase your speed to highway speed. If you start to notice some swaying, stop immediately and re-adjust your cargo.

Our tips for driving your trailer

When driving your trailer, be conscious of the extra weight added to your vehicle due to your trailer.

There always needs to be additional time to speed up, and more notably, time to slow down. Because of your additional length, consumers also need to be aware of the space required to make a turn while operating the vehicle. Customers also should travel at lower speeds on rough roads to keep from wrecking.

Here are some more helpful hints to prevent accidents on the road:

  • Slow down gradually
  • Keep your steering wheel steady
  • Try applying only the trailer breaks to help reduce the sway
  • If you slam on your breaks, you could cause your trailer and vehicle to jackknife
  • Don’t increase your speed or think you can steer out of a sway
  • If your trailer continues to sway, evaluate what you should do to stop the sway, before continuing

These guidelines will warrant a safer and more industrious ride. Shifting out of overdrive will also help while maintaining your gas consumption.

Our tips for trailer components

When owning a trailer, it is important to know the parts of your trailer and what they do.

  • Hitches are distinctive to each vehicle
    • When hauling your trailer make sure you check your owner’s manual to ensure you don’t haul more than you can handle.
  • If you are going to haul more than 50 percent of your vehicle’s weight, take into consideration a Weight Distribution System
  • It is very imperative to make sure all lights, electric brakes, and breakaway switches are working on the trailer before you ever get on the road.
  • Keep your couplers clean and lightly greased. This will make your life easier and make turning a breeze
  • Always double check and confirm that your safety chains are hooked and crossed under the coupler.

For more tips and answers on your trailers, give The Trailer Specialist a call at 209.334.9600. We will be more than happy to assist all your trailer needs, because “we live this life.”

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