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Enclosed Trailers Part II – A Look at the Wells Cargo Road Force

Posted on October 11th, 2013 by TTS2014

As we talked about in part 1, at Wells Cargo, they realize that trailers are not a “one size, or model, fits all” product. They’ve designed many models with different styles and budgets in mind. The Road Force brand is their mid-range line-up, with rugged durability and exceptional value. Let’s take an in-depth look at the Road Force and what it has to offer. 

Road Force:  As listed on the Wells cargo website:

Designed and built by WELLS CARGO, the company that pioneered the cargo trailer industry over 55 years ago, the feature-rich Road Force delivers a whole new level of value. From the rugged tubular steel main rails to the pre-framed side entry door, the Road Force is no stranger to quality. So for the price of an ordinary trailer, you can step up to the quality and value of the extraordinary Road Force.  

Why Road Force?

The Road Force brand is our mid-range nameplate and offers a powerful combination of rugged durability, every day reliability, and exceptional value. Great for both recreational and light commercial applications, the Road Force takes dead aim at the competition and surpasses them in every key category. Feature for feature, component for component, the Road Force is the clear leader of its trailer class.”

Let’s take a look at the Road Force models and sizes available as noted from Wells Cargo’s website.

describe the image5′ Wide  Looking for a compact trailer that’s loaded with quality? Look no further than the 5′ wide Road Force. Perfect for personal use, its rugged construction means it can handle business applications as well. Easy to maneuver in your driveway and a dream to pull on the highway, you may wonder how you got along without one before. Available in both a Radius Roof/Radius Front and Flat Roof/V-Front profile for ultimate versatility.

describe the image6′ Wide – The Road Force 6′ wide line-up may very well be our most popular trailer. Why? Manageable size, wide selection (including single axle, tandem axles, and V-Fronts), impressive capacity range (1580 lb. to 5200 lb.), flexible (work or play), customizable (add packages or individual items) and sharp looks to boot!  
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7′ Wide – While you may want a typical 7′ wide cargo trailer for obvious reasons — like hauling equipment, tools, and other assorted gear — there are lots of other great reasons to upgrade to a 7′ wide Road Force instead. It’s designed and built by Wells Cargo, a company that knows what it means to deliver rugged durability, long-lasting performance and carefree maintenance. Don’t settle . . . buying a trailer should be a long-term investment, not a disposable expenditure.
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8.5′ Wide – Built Solid for Demanding Jobs!  It seems the 8.5′ wide Road Force has a special affinity for tough jobs. Road Force’s rugged reliability means you can tackle chore after chore with confidence. That’s because under the attractive exterior you’ll find a steel frame that doesn’t make compromises or excuses.  The 8.5′ wide Road Force features a 94″ wide rear ramp door and slim-line LED tail lights as standard equipment.

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Landscape – Landscape trailers may well be the hardest working trailers on the road today. They have to be built tough to withstand the daily punishment a work crew can dish out. That’s why the Road Force LSSeries is no ordinary trailer. It’s been beefed up with a reinforced front wall, a longer 3-piece A-frame, 16″ OC crossmembers, and 3/4″ pressure-treated plywood floor. Available 7′ wide or 8.5′ wide, these trailers are tough and ready to work. Plus, you’ll find corrosive preventative measures, incorporated into the floor & walls, that act as a shield against the caustic elements (fertilizer, grass clippings, etc.) common in the landscape industry. Added altogether, you can count on your Road Force LS Series trailer to work harder, last longer, and require less maintenance. 


                             Our 4-year Limited Warranty is proof positive.


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